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This pegboard has a sliding X and Y Axis with two colors of pegs that makes coordinate graphing fun and easy to understand. The pegs can be used to graph points in one or all four quadrants, and show geometric translations, rotations, reflections, data in bar or line graphs, and much more. It includes one pegboard, 25 blue pegs, 25 red pegs, an X and y sliding axis, and rubber bands.


  • The Movable XY Axis Pegboard measures 9-3/4″ square from outside edge to outside edge.
  • The inside square measures 8″ square.
  • The holes for the pegs are in a 15 x 15 matrix.

Have students complete on board to completely understand the process, then complete in excel and hand in to teacher through email: Watch Video: Excel-plotting a line plot graph-copy to Word for Math


So students continue to learn new and faster ways to get work to their teachers….Here is a video of sending work directly from Word using Outlook and then learn how to do sophisticated math in Word and have the talking software read everything

Watch Video on Youtube at: Email work directly from Word using Outlook & and Math tricks in Word with Talking software-