Seminar for: Parents, Teachers, Administrators, Students, and anyone wanting to know how to do Easy Virtual Instruction

Friday July 31, 2020 2 EST – connect link here and below

Presented by the TechVision Team who began virtual instruction in 2007, teaching across the US to Alaska and Hawaii, every age and ability level. Present/past students and student Interns will be present, who can answer questions also.

This is about you and questions you have for the team. We will give a short introduction then let the participants ask questions about how any issue can be handled virtually for the best instruction delivery.

Such details as:

• Making the connection – combine school with virtual instruction

• How a blind student can be involved in a virtual classroom with the proper tools.

• Looking into the future – What tools/skills your child needs to be successful

• How to get necessary equipment and training• Tools for getting connected virtually

• Free Jaws license for all students-information will be given on how to obtain your free license.

Please post questions now to be added to discussion at: Techvisiontraining@yourtechvision.com. Recording will be posted on yourtechvision.com after seminar. There are only 100 seats available for this seminar so join early to get your seat.

Join information here on Friday- Via Zoom : How to Make Virtual Instruction Made Easy by TechVision Team

Hi Friends, Family and new friends

Please fill this 14 question survey out? Computer use as an Adult
We need major research to prove how desperately  children need computer instruction in the school systems by proving what the adult population is using now or if retired, what you did use in your job. The hope is to present this information next year everywhere around the world and in particular at blind conferences in order to get computer instruction into the school systems.
Please pass this onto  family members, friends, colleagues, and adults you can think of and make a plea for them to fill it out. I need to collect as much data as I can in the next few months. Thanks for your help on getting the word out

Combined with Calibre bookmanagement which allows you to manage all those kindle books in an accessible format but you do not need both this and codex

combined with shortcuts for all this allows quick access for braille or text reading

Find thousands of books: http://drmfree.calibre-ebook.com/by/genre

Now if you just want to have kindle accessible on your PC–download the simple plugin that allows kindle books to talk with ease on your computer

Kindle for PC [Download]

Kindle Plugin-

  • Start reading (from the top of the page) – CTRL, R
  • Pause/Restart reading (from current position) – Space bar or F6
  • Read current sentence from beginning – CTRL, (comma)
  • Read previous sentence – CTRL, Shift, Up Arrow
  • Skip forward one sentence – CTRL, Shift, Down Arrow
  • Toggle voice (male/female) – CTRL, Shift, V
  • Increase speech rate – Shift, +
  • Decrease speech rate – Shift, –
  • Announce current location within a book – CTRL, P
  • Toggle continuous reading – CTRL, Shift, C
  • Read instructions – CTRL, I