TechVision provides highly skilled instruction, the knowledge and experience necessary to help the blind, visually impaired and anyone with a reading difficulty to succeed in life. Denise Robinson, TVI, Ph.D., founded TechVision to teach students how to be fully included in their schools, jobs and life using a PC computer, screen readers, braille displays and all other assistive technology necessary to give them the ability to be at the same level as their peers..or higher based on intellect. This website also demonstrates to schools, teachers, parents and students themselves that they can achieve any dream or goal with the right instruction on these tools.

Videos of students accessing all aspects of their education is featured on this site as well as our YouTube Channel. Inclusion is teaching students how to do all aspects of work independently,  just as their peers.

All information in the blog posts on the HOME page offers tips and ideas on how to reach goals. Dr. Robinson can be reached at email in the contact. Please let us know how to help YOU!


Denise M. Robinson, TVI, AT, IT, PhD
TechVision- CEO
Teacher of the Blind and Visually Impaired
Assistive Technology Specialist