Speech Recognition has come a long way. If for any reason you cannot use your hands or fingers, giving verbal commands to make your computer do what you want it to do if just a matter of learning the commands. If you are blind and need the same benefits. J-SAY provides both speech recognition and verbal feedback.

This is a quick demonstration of the power of speech recognition. This program is already built into Windows 7 already, so get going. Watch same video at : Speech Recognition

Click to watch JSAY video

The Braille Note is an incredibly easy technology tool for the blind. Light, fast on and off; create file, folders, recordings with quick keystrokes. you can do math calculations and insert the problem with answer write into a document. The new Apex has a fast connection so you can answer all your emails directly from it as well as surf the Internet.

If you would like multiple lessons to get you going on how to do these skills, then here is the lesson for you: Braille Note Lessons to take you through the Basics to more advanced skills

Learn all the skills to create a perfect electronic signature so you can insert it into any document that needs to be emailed, created in Word or other documents. Once the signature is created, you can use it anywhere you need on computer programs. The fastest way to achieve a professional document quickly, especially when your signature is required.

Watch YouTube video: How to make your Signature Electronic and insert it into a Document

For text lesson in full detail of lesson, go to: How to make your Signature Electronic and insert it into a Document

Using simple methods, a student learns the keyboard quickly within 5 hours over 5 days. Tune eyes out with a blind fold to tune in the ears to type fast. Poor vision will slow you down if you try and use it and you will continue to do work slower than everyone else.  By the next week, they will be in their classroom typing their lessons…slowly at first, but you will see the speed pick up quickly as they do their work everyday on the computer.

 Before you know it, they will be typing faster than everyone else. It is daily typing that makes the difference.

One of the greatest problems for blind students in school is how to get handwritten notes as the teacher writes them in the front of the room. Now they can get those notes on a digimemo and can translate them into text that their talking software will read INDEPENDENTLY. They just hand the writing tablet to a sighted student who is taking notes for themselves anyway. They finish the notes, take their copy and hand the pad back to the blind student. The blind student takes the pad and uses a computer to translate the handwritten notes into text for themselves.

Yes, a para educator can do all this, but it will not make the student independent and the para educator is not going to graduate and do all this when for them in college or at their job. Using the DigiMemo and the handwriting software now gives a blind person the opportunity to get the information they need and translate the handwriting by themselves using a computer. This works with Mac also

Same video on Youtube that will open automatically: Digital Handwriting

Starting in the education field of the blind over 20 years ago, I depended on wikki sticks, beans, marshmallows, and any other type of object to put together to represent a cell or chemical bond for a blind student to touch and try and understand what was going on in the microscope that the sighted student stared into and went "Ah ha".

How do we give our blind students that "AH HA" moment? We can now.

A Japanese plastics company has created all types of plastic shapes, so all the student has to do is put them together to make the model that is requested by the teacher, to understand what is going on. Or if they are really young, a para educator or teacher can do the same for them, hand it to the child and explain all the parts as the child feels the model. Just so many more options now.

HGS HINOMOTO PLASTICS CO., LTD. has all types of models and shapes to aide in the creation and design of simple to very extensive models for blind children to see. Actually, sighted children find these models very helpful also. What helps one child, always seems to help the other too.

If you need need ideas on how to take notes and data independently, go to Independence Science and see the vast ways of possibility.

Take control of JAWS and GO  find pictures on the Internet using IE9–Internet Explorer 9 is a more accessible browser than others  to use these tricks— save them and use them in your working documents—or just save as a beautiful background on your desktop

Step by Step instructions on how to access those graphics, routing cursor using the right click on the numpad, then saving the picture. Open Word, find the picture and insert it into a document.

This is an -audio/visual lesson for those who want to see and hear instruction. You can find the lesson at: Take control of Jaws in IE9- save pictures from Internet-audio/visual lesson

Blind people that are technology literate do not ask this question. Unfortunately, there are a great deal of blind people (sighted too) that are NOT techie and have a difficult time understanding how to use something like an iPad.

All their lives, they have touched something tactile to give them feedback and now they are trying to wrap their mind around using something with a flat surface.

Enter the solution. By hooking a braille display or external keyboard and teaching them the keystrokes, the light bulb of understanding goes on quickly. They begin to see where icons are and how to activate what they want. Then you move them to the Voice Over finger movements and they truly start to understand how to move around this tool and other flat surface tools like it.

Though I have seen this more in adults than children, some children have the same difficultly and once you connect the braille display or external keyboard, (I always teach both), they catch on VERY quickly.

To help your students or if you are blind and are having a difficult time grasping what to do with this flat surface, you can download lessons at: Mac/iTools

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