Dear Hiring Team,
     I am applying for the position of manager I found posted on Craigslist. I was drawn to your advertisement because you mentioned the “family-like” vibe of your company.
My qualifications for this position are extensive. I graduated from SUNY College in 1980 with a degree in English and jumped straight into entrepreneurship. My business partner and I established a boutique consulting and PR agency which took on a range of clients throughout the years. While I enjoyed all aspects of running the business, the work that truly gave me a sense of accomplishment was management.
     We hired our first employee in 1985, adding four new additions by 1993. While the hiring pool was limited to only the DNA of my partner and me, we were relatively pleased with our team a majority of the time.
Because my partner only worked part time for our firm, spending the rest of his time working in the computer science field and pursuing useless personal interests including Ultimate Frisbee, I was solely responsible for all new employee training and ongoing education. New hire training was extensive. After each employee, I would evaluate the results of the training program and adjust accordingly for the most comprehensive workplace introduction in the industry. The basics included communication, writing, reading, management of bodily fluids, and rudimentary ethics including sharing, caring, and manners. A series of incentive programs including raisins, gold stars, and praise released to the public, media, or grandparents kept employees striving to achieve more.
As our firm matured, we branched out into new service offerings including sales, marketing, crisis management, and event planning. The Girl Scout cookie sales push of 1992-1996 proved to be one of our most successful campaigns. My team obliterated our two local competitors, the We Adopted so Praise Us Robinsons and the My Husband Makes Enough Money I Have Time for Yoga Patricks. The two-person special-team achieved an average 16% sales increase each year. Hard work, innovative sales tactics, weekend hours selling at the gym club, and the morale booster of a promised employee retreat to Disneyworld led to our victory.
     In the last five years, each member of my original team has left the agency pursuing new interests and setting up their own partnerships. Thanks to my stellar reputation, members of my old team now reach out to me as clients rather than employees, for assistance with various projects including image resuscitation, financial management, and more. For example, I recently provided a complete public relations campaign to revive the image of our most junior employee when he made the gaff of producing his own first employee with a partner he was not yet contractually in business with. This whirlwind project was completed in just 4 weeks, and his now-legitimate partner’s family will never suspect a thing thanks to my many planted facts about early births for women with unusual cycles at key events including bridal showers, baby showers, and a wedding.
     After over two decades of managing my own team and running a business, I am interested in moving to a new position with a fresh company and feel I would be the perfect fit for your team. I can offer patience, ethics, hard-work, and a commitment to excellence.
Thank you for your consideration.
Stay at Home Mother of More Years Than You’ve Been Alive

Do you ever have a word you just have no idea how to pronounce? Well, this site takes care of that. As soon as you type in the word, in the edit box and hit enter the pronunciation is heard. Need to hear it again, just hit enter again. is the solution to those pronunciation problems.

NVDA is a great free talking software program to get you going and moving. Do not expect it to do what JAWS talking software can do, but you can get a beginner or intermediate person going on learning the computer. In the meantime, stow away funds for an upgrade to JAWS when you become more advanced and want to do more on a computer.

NV Access is pleased to announce the release of NVDA 2012.2. This
release has been declared stable, which means it is suitable for
production use and is recommended for most users.
Highlights of this release include an in-built installer and portable
creation feature, automatic updates, easy management of new NVDA
add-ons, announcement of graphics in Microsoft Word, support for Windows
8 Metro style apps, and several important bug fixes.

To read more and to find links to download, please visit:

We would like to thank all who have contributed to this release,
including all those who have donated to ensure continued development.

Please consider donating to NV Access to support NVDA's continued

How many times have you tried to reinstall or install a new program and you get an error. Example: I have a friend who had skype on his machine but he deleted several components of it, so it was not working. I tried a new install with the newest APP out there, without success as it kept giving me a error code about missing install parts of the old program and it would not reinstall over it.

I had tried all the typical fixes, one being the Microsoft Fix page-so try that too as it will fix some issues, but if that does not do it and it did not for this problem, go back and find the old application for it. Install the older version of what was on your machine before, THEN do the update. Find your old applications at: Old APPS

It could save you a lot of time and headache…

Start with a simple lessons on the tricks to internet searching with JAWS on Youtube: Tricks to doing research in the Internet with JAWS-audio/visual

Then move to a more extensive lesson including


If you have difficulties finding the information you need on the Internet, this lesson will show you the tricks you need to navigate well.
Researching information will no longer be a problem
You will also learn how to save pictures from the Internet and use within a document
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