BigBrowser is an Internet browsing application designed to help Low Vision users more easily navigate the web on their iPads. It’s extra large keyboard and controls, expanded pinch zooming, and multiple color themes make content easy to read.

BigBrowser utilizes custom features that were created specifically for those who require increased magnification to read. It was designed to enhance your browsing experience, however, there are limitations. In this initial iteration of BigBrowser, the custom keyboard does not interface with text fields within web pages due to some constraints within iOS. Also, certain web pages (YouTube and Twitter being the most prominent) don’t allow for pinch zooming when viewed on an iPad. Both of these limitations are out of our hands but we will keep working to find a solution that can be included in future updates. The Apple ratings system requires that this app be rated 17+ solely because it does not restrict the user’s ability to locate and view certain materials on the web.

Find out more at: BigBrowser: iPad App

iDevice Apps for Visually Impaired

This information was taken from  I have not looked up the price for any of these apps.  Please let me know if you try any of these and how they work.



Color ID Free

Color Identifier

Color Reader





Say Color



GPS or Navigation aids

AbleRoad, rate and review accessible places.

Ariadne GPS



Sendero GPS LookAround


Bar Code or Label Readers



LookTel Recognizer





News and Radio

Earl, Use your voice to open and read newspapers

iBlink Radio


VIP Radio


Deaf/blind Communicators


Humanware Communicator


Scanning and Reading




Money Identifier

Eyenote, identifies U.S. currency only

LookTel Money Reader




Book Readers

DaisyWorm, does not support Bookshare or NeNIMAS files.

InDaisy, Supports Bookshare and Newsline

Learning Ally, must have annual subscription to Learning Ally

Pastime Audio Book Player, reads books in iTunes


Low Vision

Many of these are magnifiers so work best on an iPad.

Big Browser

Essentials, allows you to see your statusbar

Eyesight, for iPad

Lumin, magnifying glass


Optelec Magnifier, does not appear to work on iPad

Photogenda Mini, easy way to see and handle contacts


Input Aids

AccessNote, AFB Notetaker

Braille Sonar, allows for look-up of braille symbols

BrailleTouch, enter information in uncontracted Braille

Braillist, Braille keyboard for your phone

Fleksy, predictive text input method



AccessWorld, read AFB Access World

Blind Bargains, check things listed on

Light Detector, transforms light into sound

Looktel VoiceOver Tutorial, helps new users practice VoiceOver gestures

Talking Calculator or Talking Scientific Calculator

ViA, helps blind and visually impaired people find apps specially designed for them or very helpful apps.

VO Calender

VO Starter, program designed to offer training on VoiceOver features.

Voicebook VO, allows for basic facebook functionality.


ODDs and Ends for orientation and mobility

VIa (Visually Impaired Apps)
HOPSTOP (public transit, cabs, etc.)
MAPS (apple)
OCR Image to Text
Voice Dream

Baby Apps–Perkins Site







In a 36 hour project for the CIID, designers andrew spitzmarkus schmeiduch and ruben van der vleuten
have developed an assisting device for the visually impaired to help improve their abilities in discovering
and navigating new routes throughout cities. known as ‘blind maps’, the braille-like interface provides
users an interactive experience with real time auditory feedback and tactile integration. it allows you
to become aware of upcoming intersections, turns and hazards on route – helping them adapt to
unfamiliar environments.

Find out more at: Blind Maps

Blindness does not stop learning. Nick is learning how to type out Spanish words, listen to a Spanish real speak voice from JAWS, then email his lessons to his teachers for a grade. He will get back his work in email and listening to the corrections through the use of track changes. Independence is possible in all areas of education for the blind.

Watch Video at: Dr Robinson teaches a Virtual Lesson on Spanish with talking software in Word


Chemist Dr Cary Supalo, who is himself blind, has a web-based site called Independence Science which is dedicated to making Science, and specifically Chemistry, accessible to students who are blind or visually impaired.

The Talking LabQuest (TLQ) is the latest in scientific access technology for the blind and the only device developed to improve hands-on experiments in the laboratory. This hand-held, portable computer allows a student to collect and analyze data independently or within a lab group of their sighted peers. Open a world of opportunity for a student who is blind or low vision in STEM fields of study with the ISci Lab Solution. Hear or view this video below for an overview of how the TLQ feels, operates, and completes an experiment.

Go to Independence Science

People who use their eyes to receive information about the world are called sighted people or “people who are sighted.”

Sighted people enjoy rich full lives, working, playing and raising
families. They run businesses, hold public office and teach your

People who are
sighted may walk or ride public transportation, but most choose to
travel long distances by operating their own motor vehicles. They have
gone through many hours of training to learn the “rules of the road” in
order to further their independence. Once that road to freedom has been
mastered, sighted people earn a legal classification and a “Driver’s
License” which allows them to operate a private vehicle safely and

people are accustomed to viewing the world in visual terms. This means
that in many situations, they will not be able to communicate orally and
may resort to pointing or other gesturing. Subtle facial expressions
may also be used to convey feelings in social situations. Calmly alert
the sighted person to his surroundings by speaking slowly, in a normal
tone of voice.

Questions directed at the sighted person help focus attention back on the verbal rather than visual communication.

At times, sighted people may need help finding things, especially when
operating a motor vehicle. Your advance knowledge of routes and
landmarks, particularly bumps in the road, turns and traffic lights,
will assist the “driver” in finding the way quickly and easily. Your
knowledge of building layouts can also assist the sighted person in
navigating complex shopping malls and offices. Sighted people tend to be
very proud and will not ask directly for assistance. Be gentle yet

The person who
is sighted relies exclusively on visual information. His or her
attention span fades quickly when reading long texts. Computer
information is presented in a “Graphical User Interface” or GUI.
Coordination of hands and eyes is often a problem for sighted people, so
the computer mouse, a handy device that slides along the desk top,
saves confusing keystrokes. With one button, the sighted person can move
around his or her computer screen quickly and easily. People who are
sighted are not accustomed to synthetic speech and may have great
difficulty understanding even the clearest synthesizer. Be patient and
prepared to explain many times how your computer equipment works.


Sighted people read through a system called “Print.” this is a series
of images drawn in a two dimensional plain. People who are sighted
generally have a poorly developed sense of touch. Braille is completely
foreign to the sighted person and he or she will take longer to learn
the code and be severely limited by his or her existing visual senses.
Sighted people cannot function well in low lighting conditions and are
generally completely helpless in total darkness. their homes are usually
very brightly lit at great expense, as are businesses that cater to the
sighted consumer.


People who are sighted do not want your charity. They want to live, work
and play along with you. The best thing you can do to support sighted
people in your community is to open yourself to their world. These
people are vital contributing members to society. Take a sighted person
to lunch today!

Be nice to them, Some of my best friends are sighted people.

Shortcut keys to send emotions using Skype messenger.


Text Description Emoticons
( angel ) Angel angel skye smiley
: @ Angry skype angry smiley
( hug ) Bear hug skype bear hug smiley
( beer ) Beer msn tongue out smiley
( blush ) Blushing skype blushing smiley
( bow ) Bowing bowing skype smiley
( punch ) Boxing boxing skype smiley
( u ) Broken heart broken heart smiley
( ^ ) Cake cake skype smiley
( call ) ”Call me” call me skype smiley
( cash ) Cash cash skype smiley
( mp ) Cell phone cell phone skype smiley
( clap ) Clapping clapping skype smiley
( coffee ) Coffee coffee skype smiley
8 – ) Cool cool skype smiley
; ( Crying crying skype smiley
( dance ) Dancing dancin skype smiley
( devil ) Devil devil Skyp smiley
( doh ) ”Doh” doh skype smiley
( d ) Cocktail drink skype smiley
| – ( ”Dull” dull skype smiley
( emo ) Emo secret msn smiley
] : ) Evil grin evil grin Skype smiley
( flex ) Flexing flexing skype smiley
( F ) Flower flower skype smiley
( chuckle ) Giggling giggling skype smiley
( handshake ) Handshake handshake skype smiley
( happy ) Happy happy skype smiley
( h ) Heart msn moon emoticon
( wave ) ”Hi” hi skype smiley
( inlove ) ”In love” in love skype smiley
( wasntme ) ”It wasn’t me” it wasn't me skype smiley
( envy ) Jealous jealous skype smiley
: * Kissing kissing skype smiley
: D Laughing laughing skype smiley
( e ) Mail mail skype smiley
( makeup ) Makeup makeup skype smiley
( mm ) Mmm mmmm skype smiley
( ~ ) Movie movie skype smiley
( music ) Music music skype smiley
8 – | Nerd nerdy skype smiley
( ninja ) Ninjay ninja skype smiley
( n ) Thumbs down no skype smiley
( nod ) Nodding nodding skype smiley
: x No speak no speak skype smiley
( party ) Party party skype smiley
( pi ) Pizza pizza skype smiley
( puke ) Sick sick skype smiley
( rain ) rain cloud raining skype smiley
( rofl ) Rofl rofl skype smiley
: ( Sad sad skype smiley
( shake ) ”No” no skype smiley
( skype ) Skype logo skype logo smiley
| – ) Sleepy sleepy skype smiley
: ) Smiling smiling skype smiley
( smirk ) Smirking smirking skype smiley
: – | Speechless speechless skype smiley
( * ) Star star skype smiley
( sun ) Sun sun skype smiley
( sweat ) Sweating sweating skype smiley
( talk ) Talking talking skype smiley
( think ) Thinking thinking skype smiley
( o ) Clock clock skype smiley
( yawn ) Yawning tired skype smiley
: p Tongue out tongue out skype smiley
( wait ) ”Wait” wait skype smiley
( whew ) ”Whew” whew skype smiley
; ) Winking winking skype smiley
: ^ ) Wondering wondering skype smiley
: S Worried worried skype smiley
( y ) Thumbs up thumbs up skype smiley

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