How does a blind person type on an iPhone? Soon, they will be typing as quickly and easily as everyone else. If not faster. Yes, it’s possible.
Fleksy is a state of the art text input system for touch-screen devices.
It is set to revolutionize the way people think about accessibility on mobile devices and to challenge the traditional barriers in touch-screen typing for everyone.
For the first time ever, blind and visually impaired people can quickly and easily type text on touch screen phones and tablets.

Watch Youtube video of product in action: Type faster than you ever thought possible–Fleksy APP for blind and low vision

Math Window® is an easy-to-use math teaching tool utilizing magnetic tiles on a conveniently-sized work surface.  It is portable and comes with its own carrying case.  Math concepts are easier to understand using this tactile method of building and solving math problems.  Tiles can be stored along the perimeter of the board or on our new attachable tile pallet (optional).

Order products at: Math Window

Would you like to be able to touch the nucleus of an atom or lift a bowling ball on Mars? Now you can! Computer Haptics is "the science of applying tactile sensations to human interaction with computers." eTouchSciences Apps leverage computer haptics to make learning science and math engaging and FUN!!

youtube video: eTouchSciences

Visit site and follow the development of this incredible new product coming out on the market: eTouchSciences website

What if buttons could morph out of the surface of your device? Tactus Technology has developed a new tactile user interface for touchscreen devices that does exactly that. Tactus provides a new dimension to touchscreens by enabling real, physical buttons that rise up from the surface on demand, and then recede back into the screen, leaving a perfectly flat, transparent surface when gone.

Watch the development:

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