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Do you ever wonder why your prayers are not being answered? Then wonder why others are being answered? This book will give real life examples of why our prayers are hindered and what we must do to unlock prayers powers. You will walk through a fire literally and learn how to come out the other end. Listen to a very powerful story that will change how you view prayer and potentially change your life. Learn what you must do in your own life to enable prayer power.

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Excrept from book:


Picture: Fire surrounding and burning everything



Prayer lesson: Pray and don’t stop praying

Here is how you do it afraid…


Our part time neighbors, Donna and Todd, who lived on top of the mountain, were watching the fire through their cameras safely back home in North Bend. I know they started to pray too.  By the time Lynnette had reached me, Curt was racing toward our house to get her so they could pull their horses out of their burning barns. By the time they had driven off, we were surrounded, with 50 foot+ flames all the way up the trees. The fire was still about an acre away as I was still “TELLING” God my prayer and what HE needed to do for ME. “Please stop the fire” Don’t let it come close to me,” “Don’t let it jump the road.” Wow, what an ego centered prayer. But that is what we do—-we pray, me me my me what about what happens to me prayers. As I realized that was NOT the prayer I was supposed to be demanding of God. I stopped talking and started listening. I asked, “God what do you want me to do?” Here is what HE TOLD me. “Get on your shoes! Get out on that tractor and start driving over the fire and put it out! I have prepared you for this.” That is NOT the prayer or answer I wanted to hear.

Prayer Lesson: Stop talking and telling God what to do as your prayers. Ask, “What should I do?”— Then Listen.  How many of us do not have answered prayers because God told us something hard to do and we did not do it. We have to do what we can first THEN God does what we cannot do. We have to do the hard stuff first on our own, our own free will. If we did not listen then, afterward, we say “Why, God, why did you not answer my prayer” It was our own fault the prayer was not answered—we did NOT do what HE told us to first…LISTEN…then do it! God is telling us what to do all the time. If we are talking, we are NOT listening. Get quiet and listen.


I can tell you. Go fight the fire was  NOT NOT NOT the prayer answer I wanted to hear, but I said OK. If HE was guiding me, HE would be with me. But I could not tell it……yet….. I was shaking so hard I could barely move. I was so riveted on the flames outside my north front window and so stuck with fear I could barely breathe and God tapped me on the shoulder and said “Turn around”. As I turned around to look through the south facing window it was filled with flames an acre away too, zooming up toward my place faster than my own thoughts. It seemed I was moving in slow motion toward my shoes. That is what HE told me to do. Get ON my shoes. I did it. HE said, walk toward my tractor. My legs were noodles, limp and weak; I thought I would fall down. My breath was rapid, smoke filled my lungs, sweat poured down me; the air was acrid and it hurt. I grabbed my legs and willed them forward. It took everything inside me to will myself forward toward that tractor. The flames, fire and smoke had rapidly moved and closed in that acre and now were yards from the buildings, me, my animals, all that I loved.


Are you doing what God told you to do? Here is how you do it

 Watch Video at: Diary of Destruction-Fire 2012



Using Google products: How to use accessibility features

In this section, we go over the accessibility features of our products for 2 groups of people:

If you notice information that’s missing, have questions or feedback, or want to offer other ideas for ways people with disabilities can use Google products, we want to hear from you.

Information for blind and low-vision users

Note: We’ve created an Administrator Guide to Accessibility that explains best practices for deploying Google Apps to support users’ accessibility needs.

Google+ Hangouts

Keyboard shortcuts are great for people who can’t or don’t want to use a mouse during the video chat. To view the full list of keyboard shortcuts available just type “?” while in a Hangout.


Android phones—so much more, just go to Google Accessibility

Product Specifications

  • Handheld digital microscope powered by a 2.0 USB cable
  • Built-in 2MP digital camera for snapshot images and videos
  • Power: 10x to 40x and 150x
  • LED Illumination
  • CD-ROM contains software for basic image capture and organization as well as simple measurement function (on Windows based operating systems)
  • Computer Requirements: Windows 7, Vista, or XP; most MAC 10.4.9 and later, CD/DVD Drive and open USB port
  • Dimensions: 4.25″ x 1.25″
  • Weight: 4 oz
  • Drivers available for download

Go to: Deluxe Handheld Digital Microscope for more information

Bookshare now available through the CNIB Library!

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· Read books using a variety of technologies: computers, Apple iOS and Android tablets and smartphones, MP3 players, braille displays and more. Download books in DAISY Text, DAISY Audio, MP3, and Braille Ready Format. Note: DAISY Audio and MP3 books from Bookshare are in synthetic speech, not human narration.

Subscriptions through the CNIB Library are limited and available on a first-come, first-served basis, so sign up for Bookshare today!

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