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I teach all skills virtually. This is a video with a blind student and we are practicing braille reading. I have already made sure her finger positioning are perfect on the page due to extensive training in the first couple years of braille instruction. Now she just needs practice to gain speed and fluency.

With virtual instruction, we can connect when it is most convenient for us. No one has to drive anywhere. She actually wakes up, turns to her computer and begins her lesson first thing in the morning. Then she begins her day. She has learned all her Skype talking software skills, so texts me as soon as she is ready. I say “yes” and she makes the call and we begin her lesson.

The ideal is combining face to face and virtual lessons. Face to face to make those “people” connections and then virtual to deliver the quantity of instruction that must be had in order to gain the skills necessary to be successful in academics.

Watch this YouTube video to get an idea of how to teach virtually and increase your student’s skills: Teaching Braille reading fluency…..virtually

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