MathType(LaTex) Alt = in WORD will render formulas to Math

Download MathType for Word and Docs

Video on: MathType LaTex in Word & Docs made easy with screen reader JAWS or NVDA


1. use alt = in WORD without $ signs


2. use alt = in WORD without $ signs


3. cannot do with alt =

$\angle x\cong\angle y$


4. use alt = in WORD without $ signs


5. does not work with alt =


6. does not work with alt =


7. use alt = in WORD without $ signs


8.use alt = in WORD without $ signs


9. Does not work with alt =

$\mathcal{LATEX IS FUN }$


use alt = in WORD without $ signs

FOR Google Docs: example- go to ADD-on and add Mathtype then render with Alt N to add-on and LaTex and enter on Start








Cheatsheet for LaTex: http://tug.ctan.org/info/undergradmath/undergradmath.pdf

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