Registration for Technology Training for Blind/Low Vision Students of all Ages –Learn screen reader keyboard commands for all programs– Tools needed-computer- i5 min, i7 better, jaws screen reader or NVDA, braille display is ideal but not required Instruction given via ZOOM – 9/11/2019 – 8/12/2020

Get file upload link here: Tech lessons

Cost: $200.00 for year- see dates below

Time: Wednesday at 2 EST for 1-1.5 hours with questions from group the last 20-30 minutes – TVIs/Voc Rehab/Pre-Vocational and Vocational individuals, we strongly encourage you bring a student to join you for training. This can be part of their IEP or ISP. This instruction is to learn more about controlling your computer and accessing your education, job, and life in general.

Districts, Vocational Rehabilitation and other providers may use a PO#. Please submit PO# to TechVisionTraining@yourtechvision.com.

All participants must complete form below with PO# to email or payment at link below and send to: TechVisionTraining@yourtechvision.com. All payments must be received prior to the start of training.

All current contracted TechVision Students, TVI’s  and families are invited to take trainings free. However, registration form must be completed and sent via email as email address drives connection to ZOOM training. Every email is tied to a seat in class.

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Once payment and email address has been received, email address will be added to the Zoom contacts. Registered participants will receive a Zoom notice to join each weeks’ training 15 minute before training begins. Only those with email addresses can be added to the trainings and connect. All lessons will be recorded and sent to participants after lesson. Signup at Zoom Conferencing here though the link that will be sent via email 15 minutes before lessons will connect you as soon as you click or enter on it.

Name: ___________________ State: ___________ District: ___________

Email address: ________________

Are you a TechVision Student, TVI of Student or Family Member: ______________ affiliation with which TechVision Student: ________

Send this information to: techvisiontraining@yourtechvision.com

If Not a present TechVision Student et al., payment method: ___________


Credit Card or PayPal to pay here: TechVisionTraining Payment

See schedule below: Will also change based on what group majority opinion on wanting for weeks ahead. The group will direct lessons and Denise M Robinson, TVI, PhD, will teach accordingly

Date of Training-all lessons 2 pm EST Wednesday Suggested for each week though will adjust to group request
Sept 11 speed up computer-set up Word get Outlook setup to email
Sept 25 Setup Outlook-learn send/reply
Oct 9 More Word format and auto send work through Outlook
Oct 23 Word with Outlook-MLA/APA format
Nov 6 Make PDFs accessible ASAP right to word
Nov 20 Codex -make work accessible-kindle & more
Dec 4 Gmail-Drive
Jan 15 google in general
Jan 29 Google drive-docs
Feb 12 Add drive apps for OCR work
Feb 26 Docs access options
Mar11 OCR work through docs
Mar 25 More Gmail -nav options
April 8 Use Gmail to drive for app options of access
April 22 bookshare/NIMAC/Kindle-find books
May 6 internet searches
May 20 other school platforms
June 3 Desmos Graphing calculator
June 17 math in word for blind/VI students
July 1 repeat lessons above to solidify concepts
July 15 repeat lessons above to solidify concepts
July 29 repeat lessons above to solidify concepts
Aug 12 repeat lessons above to solidify concepts