APP that reads images and describes them with iOS

APP that reads images and describes them with iOS


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Braigo launches web app to help blind people parse text on images

Braigo Platform is a free web application aimed at anyone who needs accessibility solutions for the visually impaired. The platform supports more than 50 languages, and can be used to extract text from images from a variety of sources, whether from the web or from a phone.


Basic Braigo Instructions 

Initially, open the Braigo app and register.  After the initial registration, you simply sign-in to use the Braigo app.  Selecting the log-in option "Remember Me" will automatically open the Braigo Home page, eliminating the sign-in step.

  • To upload a document/image, from the Upload page, select the Camera option.

    • If the app opens to the Braigo page, select Upload to move to the Upload Page.
    • Your options are: Camera Upload, Photos Upload, URL Upload, Upload Dropbox
  • Select Camera Upload.
  • Position the iPhone's camera on the desired document/image and tap the screen to take the picture.
  • Wait a minute for the image to upload.
  • View the Extracted Text.

Side note: This is a very new app and does an ok job based on what you take a picture of. Updates are needed just like any new app