Mosen Consulting on all things Blind

Mosen Consulting on all things Blind

Jonathan Mosen hosts FSCast for Freedom Scientific and many many other great things for the education of the blind world–and of the sighted world who create for the blind world

FSCast features news, interviews, and product demonstrations. Hosted by Jonathan Mosen, each episode is a mixture of learning and entertainment. All episodes are archived, and you can download and listen at any time. In the December episode 101, we discuss the 20th anniversary of JAWS for Windows, the Braille selection feature, and Windows tablets running JAWS 16 and iTunes 12 with JAWS. The January episode 102 has just been posted. It includes information about our JAWS 20th Anniversary video project, events at the upcoming ATIA and CSUN conferences, information from Bryan Carver about our Technical Support process, and an interview with Kelly Ford, who tells us about the Microsoft Accessibility Answer Desk, available toll free in a growing number of countries.

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If you are seeking an incredible $75 price for Jaws talking software–this is it

Freedom Scientific made some announcements this week via its FSCast podcast, with Jonathan Mosen breaking the news.  If any of you are planning to go to the NFB convention this year, this should be of great interest to you if you own or are considering buying software from Freedom Scientific.
First, ACB convention attendees will be offered slight discounts on FS products. There will be a ten percent discount on Freedom Scientific software. This would cover JAWS, MAGic and OpenBook. Five percent discounts are available on FS hardware products. While Jonathan Mosen did not mention specific products I am assuming that this would cover products such as the Sara stand-alone readers, their various video magnifiers, Braille displays, Plextalk Pocket and even the Pac Mate, if you can justify buying that particular device.
Jonathan explained that Freedom Scientific offers something known as home-use programs for certain organizations, which they started doing last year. This is a program offered to companies which have many software installations for their employees and the home use program allows employees of such companies to purchase a product like JAWS at a considerable discount. Other tech companies do this for certain organizations. As an example, when my wife was a college student the university she was attending was able to offer her new, legal copies of software at very, very inexpensive pricing. Apparently, Freedom Scientific offers similar programs. Jonathan mentioned that organizations such as the IRS, Social Security and some state agencies for the blind are able to offer discounts to their staff. Since NFB uses many copies of JAWS at its headquarters and because it is celebrating its 75th birthday this year, Freedom Scientific is extending this same pricing offer to all registered attendees of this year's NFB convention, regardless of where you work or, for that matter, whether you're employed or not. These offers are only for the duration of the NFB convention and you must actually visit FS at the exhibit hall to obtain their products at this special pricing.
A complete JAWS 16 Home Edition license will be available, under the conditions I've described above, for $75.00. This is not a misprint: that's seventy-five dollars. This is not an upgrade but will get you a brand new JAWS 16 license. If you already own an older  version of JAWS you can upgrade your old version to version 16 for just $50.00. For this offer, it doesn't matter which version of JAWS you own; it can be an upgrade from version 14 or from version 2.0.\
An SMA will cost you $100.00.
New copies of OpenBook are available for $75.00.
MAGic with speech can be purchased for $50.00.
 MAGic SMAs are being offered for $75.00.
I have proofread this message and what you are reading is not a series of misprints.
Also, FS will be demonstrating JAWS 16 with an intro to Windows 10. Since it is possible that we may see Windows 10 released by the end of July it sounds like that JAWS 16 will be able to work with Windows 10, without users needing to go to JAWS 17 to obtain Windows 10 support.
I am personally quite excited about this series of offers. My personal JAWS license is stuck at version 6.0 and, as a trainer, I do need to update my license but frankly cannot afford to do so. However, as I have family in that area I am seriously considering attending my first NFB convention to upgrade my version of JAWS.

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