Microsoft Support Line for Persons with Disabilities

Microsoft Support Line for Persons with Disabilities

Since the 1990’s, the Microsoft Corporation has perhaps been best known for its various Windows platforms, the most current being Windows 8. What isn’t
as well known, however, not even by access technology instructors, is Microsoft’s Disability Support Line which began in January, 2013 and operates out
of Toronto, Canada. When you call their toll-free number, 1-800-936-5900, you will speak with a technician whose job it is to help persons who are blind,
vision impaired, or have other disabilities with computer troubleshooting and repair issues.

The office reached with the toll free number, 1-800-936-5900, was actually in the Phillipines. The technician did a remote connection with my computer and he fixed my problem.    I also asked about support in other countries outside North America, specifically Egypt. He told me that Egypt is covered under EMEA Support; EMEA stands for Europe, Middle East & Asia. The phone number for EMEA Support is: 080-0026-0584

This is a free service

To assess service quality, callers are asked to complete a brief survey at the end of each call. I was genuinely impressed that a supervisor, and not an
automated system, which I hate, conducts the survey.


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