Accessibility–Hotkeys for Windows 8– a preview

Accessibility–Hotkeys for Windows 8– a preview

Many questions are milling around the cooler right now on accessibility for Windows 8

Here is just a small picture of things to come with this new operating system

Windows 8 keyboard hotkeys and shortcuts

With everyone today talking about Windows 8, I have noticed that one of the main questions that people are sharing in blogs and social networks is “Why Microsoft removed the start button in Windows 8? ”.

The answer to this question is that more users are relying on the Windows taskbar for pinning and accessing their favorite software instead of going through the Start menu. With Windows 8 you just need to press the Windows key or click the thumbnail in the lower right hot corner to launch the Metro Start screen where the Windows 8 interface plays the role of your own customized task bar.

Microsoft knows that the users will still demand easy access to the main tasks. This is why Windows 8 gives you this option by pressing “Windows key+X”. This allows you accessing tasks such as Run, Search, control Panel and all other main tasks that you might need to run once in a while.

All Windows 7 hotkeys shortcuts are still supported on Windows 8 and more “cool” hotkeys are added for Windows 8 that allows you to access your important functions with just 2 keyboard clicks.

Here is a list of the main hotkeys for Windows 8.

Key combination Windows 8 functionality

Windows-Space Switch input language and keyboard layout.

Windows-O Lock device orientation.

Windows-, Temporarily peek at the desktop.

Windows-V Cycle through toasts.

Windows-Shift-V Cycle through toasts in reverse order.

Windows-Enter Launch Narrator.

Windows-PgUp Move the Start Screen or a Metro-style application to the monitor on the left.

Windows-PgDown Move the Start Screen or a Metro-style application to the monitor on the right.

Windows-Shift-. Move the gutter to the left (snap an application).

Windows-. Move the gutter to the right (snap an application).

Windows-C Open the Charms bar.

Windows-I Open the Settings charm.

Windows-K Open the Connect charm.

Windows-H Open the Share charm.

Windows-Q Open the Search pane.

Windows-W Open the Settings Search app.

Windows-F Open the File Search app.

Windows-Tab Cycle through apps.

Windows-Shift-Tab Cycle through apps in reverse order.

Windows-Ctrl-Tab Cycle through apps and snap them as they cycle.

Windows-Z Open the App Bar.

Windows-/ Initiate input method editor (IME) reconversion.

Windows-J Swap foreground between the snapped and filled apps.

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