NVDA–Free Talking Software to Get you Going

NVDA–Free Talking Software to Get you Going

NVDA is a great free talking software program to get you going and moving. Do not expect it to do what JAWS talking software can do, but you can get a beginner or intermediate person going on learning the computer. In the meantime, stow away funds for an upgrade to JAWS when you become more advanced and want to do more on a computer.

NV Access is pleased to announce the release of NVDA 2012.2. This
release has been declared stable, which means it is suitable for
production use and is recommended for most users.
Highlights of this release include an in-built installer and portable
creation feature, automatic updates, easy management of new NVDA
add-ons, announcement of graphics in Microsoft Word, support for Windows
8 Metro style apps, and several important bug fixes.

To read more and to find links to download, please visit:

We would like to thank all who have contributed to this release,
including all those who have donated to ensure continued development.

Please consider donating to NV Access to support NVDA's continued

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