How to make a Food Chain, Food Pyramid, Family Tree with talking software

diagram of a food chain

How to make a Food Chain, Food Pyramid, Family Tree with talking software

As sighted students go about making fancy graphics for their Food Chain, Food Pyramid, Family Tree, or other diagrams, clicking away with their mouse, adding graphics and colors, our blind students can join in using their talking software. They just need to learn a few tricks.

No longer do our blind students have to sit aside and have a sighted person doing most of the work on a graphic or worse, the student doing something entirely different and then their lack of understanding deepens. If our students do not learn how to do the same things, gain the same skills, whether they can see it or not, how are they going to compete for jobs and the highest honors? Our students can do the same–their knowledge base just needs to grow.

The reminder came up as a distressed student asked me, "How am I going to do this?" Within minutes the student was enjoying the same features to create an elaborate diagram, using the talking software to guide her. She could use shortcut keys to immediately implement a design or change a configuration to finish the assignment on time. As soon as she was done, she emailed it off to her teacher. The teacher used track changes to correct the work and email it back, in which her talking software read all the remarks. A beautiful A to go with the beautiful diagram.

Audio/Visual lessons are now available to help teach your students:

Food Chain-make a creative graphic using talking software and word-audio/visual

Family Tree using talking software, graphics in Word-audio/visual lesson

Create a Food Pyramid with talking software and Word-audio/visual lesson

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