Being Grateful For the Simple Things in Life


Being Grateful For the Simple Things in Life

When I was young, my dad would always point out the sunsets every night with such joy. Every morning I would watch the sunrise as I drove the tractor around the fields and would think “How beautiful” but not fully realizing the meaning of it all. As a typical teen, I was caught up in what I THOUGHT was important—how I looked and what I had.

For the last decade I know what my father was trying to show us—it IS the simple things in life that make the difference. The simple incredible beauty of each morning as I hike with my dog and watch the sunrise; during the summer, the stars are so close and large, gazing down at us, almost as if I could reach out and grab one; or during the harvest moon, so voluminous and glowing that it swallows up the dark. It startles me and brings me to tears many times, as I see the wonder of God. During the day, I get to hear the simple laughter of a child, a friendly hello, receive and give a warm hug. The time I sit out on my porch with my husband and we watch the animals play in the grass, leaping at bugs and floating dust and twirling in circles to see how many things they can attack; The loving wet kiss of our dog over the cat’s head, then the cat coming up for more kisses from us—slobber and all. Children playing water games, spraying each other in the heat of the summer as the animals chase them.

It is the simple things that make us so happy. You buy an expensive item and it makes you happy for the time of the purchase then miserable as you make the payments on it; it is temporary.

It is not the stuff that makes us happy…it is the simple things: the sunrises and sunsets, the smiles, the warm hug from a child or from an animal- wets kisses and all, good friends, being thankful and grateful. Put energy into the things that will have a lasting effect and make a difference!

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