Animals can change a bad situation to something GOOD

3 baby kitties

Animals can change a bad situation to something GOOD

For a child that is blind or sighted, an animal can make life more bearable. When depression hits, the unconditional love of an animal can make it all better. When that child just can't explain what is wrong, crying into the soft fur of their beloved pet, can change a frown to a smile.

I do not suggest getting a puppy or kitty unless you are ready to raise another very needy person around your house…..and YES, they become another of the family membership.

There are so many wonderful adult animals at shelters that are ready to love someone, who are obedient and all they want is the chance to give out that unconditional love to a child who so desperately needs what they have to give. An animal helps the child become more responsible without the issues of trying to train a puppy or kitty. Put in a cat window and the litter box issue is immediately resolved and a dog can go 10 hours without a potty break.

Make the difference for a child by getting them a pet and watch the changes that will occur for incredible GOOD.

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