December 2011

This video is taken 5 months after beginning instruction. He did not start any type of technology until 8th grade, but once he understood what it would do for him, he learned quickly. Today, he uses wireless to hear JAWS talking software and types his work on a computer with a braille display. He also uses the iphone with braille display. Watch video: Deaf-Blind student learns Braille Note, computer with Braille display, amplification for hearing

Lessons to Independence on this site for easy download and instruction.

Braille Note Lessons to take you through the Basics to more advanced skills

Everything to get you going in WORD Office 2010 and Windows 7 with JAWS  
Everything to get you going in WORD Office 2010 and Windows 7 with keystrokes for Sighted  
Everything to get you going in WORD Office 2010 and Windows 7 with Window EYES


Learn how to enlarge text in word to any size and have to wrap to the window so you do not need to use the mouse to scroll left or right. Makes reading faster and easier. Watch video: Dr Robinson teaches how to enlarge text and wrap it to the window to see easily and Dr. Denise Robinson demonstrates Low Vision tricks on the computer

Lessons that will help teach

Low Vision Skills-Windows 7 Office 2010

Low Vision-XP-Office 2003

Magnify your screen, add Narration as needed-audio/visual lesson

 Learn how to pair, to use triple click on the home button to toggle voice over on and off, toggle contracted and uncontracted braille and use notes as a basic editor. Watch video: Dr. Robinson teaches-Just out of the box learning with IPad and refreshabraille

Lessons that will help you–commands apply to all braille displays

iPhone –Voice Over- Refreshabraille –Pair-move around -Make a Call-text a message

Best IPAD APPS for kids


Learning to braille can be done directly on the keyboard using Duxbury braille translation software or a tiny braille display for anyone with special hands, or regular hands. Watch video: Special Hands

Lessons that will help you

Word-refreshabraille-JAWS talking software

Refreshabraille-JAWS 12- adding typing mode for 1 hand users

First Steps in Great Braille Readers

Beginner Braille Reading

Braille Instruction begins at 3 years old

Braille Cheat Sheets

How to STOP scrubbing While reading Braille

Fast Braille Reading

Tricks to Learning Braille in your Teen Years or Later

Free Braille Books-Where to go to get Books

The Synchronicity of Braille & Technology

Braille Rap Song Lyrics

Rap Song to Learn Braille

This would be a great Gift or stocking stuffer for anyone who can write and needs that extra feedback to hear the lesson. Great for school and work. Have the information you need repeated when you have time. Anything you write will be recorded in this pen.

Livescribe™ Echo™ Smartpen—Click on link to open: Amazing smartpen remembers everything you hear, say and write, then lets you replay your recorded audio with a simple tap. Save your notes and recordings to your computer, or quickly share them with others as pencast, PDF or audio files. Use the Echo™ smartpen and special dot paper to take notes in meetings or lectures. With just a tap, Echo™ begins recording the audio and digitizing your handwriting–automatically synching the ink and audio. By tapping your notes, you can replay the conversation from the exact moment your note was written, so you never miss a word. The included Livescribe™ Desktop software helps you back up your notes, search them, play them back from your computer, or share those notes with others.

Advanced processing power and substantial memory–all in a Montblanc-sized pen! Watch video:Livescribe echo smartpen

The rechargeable Echo™ smartpen lets you capture and save important data in simple pen-and-paper format, making it easy to access and share. The 4GB of memory can record 400+ hours of audio* and thousands of pages of notes.

Calculator shortcut keys

PowerPoint Keystrokes

JAWS commands

Websites resources

Informal Braille Competency Test

JAWS Keystrokes

Laptop Keystrokes for Reading Text and Information

Excel keystrokes

Braille contraction list-need braille fonts on your computer to view correctly

Alphabet braille practice–need Duxbury to open

Braille alphabet, need Duxbury to open

JAWS and Word commands

Reading Speeds for Students

Braille memory-need Duxbury to open

Braille Math setup- need Duxbury to open

Braille alphabet, need Duxbury to open

Some students have difficulties with math, but when you can apply it to something they love, the understanding kicks in. I use cooking as one of my strategies to learn math skills. They get to eat their results, which is always a big hit.

I have nesting spoons and cups so the students can easily tell which is the correct measurement. For any child that needs a tactile reminder, I have brailled nesting tools, which can be bought at places like ILA or LS&S. We practice with simple measurements using rice or beans before actual cooking takes place.

If you are fortunate enough to get a child young, have them read 1+1=2 and they do the math in braille, then have them measure 1 cup + 1 cup of beans to put in a bowl and have them repeat it with 1 tsp + 1 tsp = 2 tsp and 1 TB+ 1 TB = 2 Tbs. Then they go to the computer and type it out and listen to it while reading from a braille display.

By integrating academic instruction with life, they will see why they are learning certain information in school, so by the time they start to add, subtract, divide and multiple fractions and using higher math skills, they will have gained a great foundation with real life materials…teaspoons, tablespoons and cups, angles, plane, shapes and so on.

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