Use WORD tricks to Learn how to be the Best Speller

Use WORD tricks to Learn how to be the Best Speller

JAWS talking software and a PC offer wonderful options to becoming a great speller….Between the applications key and the numpad, you too can become a stellar speller.

How to Begin: Watch video at Youtube: Learn How to be the BEST speller
The student's braille list is brailled out using contracted and uncontracted braille. They practice brailling the words, using contractions on their braille tool, whether a brailler or adapted note taker. Then they go to the computer and braille out the list in preparation of taking the spelling test on the computer. Once they finish taking an exam, they can email the test immediately to the teacher, when the teacher collects the other students' test. It is all about the ability to finish work in the same space of time as their peers. This is a great example to show them they can do a task just as quickly.

When practicing their spelling words, they type out the word, using insert+2 and use the words and characters options, so JAWS speaks every character and every word as the student types. After they type the word, I have them double check it by going to the numpad and hitting insert+5 so JAWS says the word again, then they hit insert+5 twice quickly to have the word spelled to them. If they have difficulty with the word, they will then type it out 10 times to remember the correct spelling.

If the student struggles with spelling, I have them use the applications key which is a standard key on any PC keyboard, so anyone can use this feature. They type a word, hit the applications key which will give them the correct spelling (if the word is not too poorly spelled) and they arrow to the correct options. They then type out the word even more times, then double checking with their brailled spelling list. Of course, they know they cannot use this option while taking a test, but this will be a life long skill to use when writing.

Being dyslexic, reading and writing have always been a struggle for me. When I learned about the applications key, I truly thought this was a gift from God and HIS grace. I teach this option to any of my students who struggle with spelling and the sighted students quickly want to use the same feature. With technology, we can enhance our abilities that are buried beneath us, but we cannot get out for one reason or another. A disability becomes an ABILITY through technology.

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