Talking Pen that records information you write

Talking Pen that records information you write

This would be a great Gift or stocking stuffer for anyone who can write and needs that extra feedback to hear the lesson. Great for school and work. Have the information you need repeated when you have time. Anything you write will be recorded in this pen.

Livescribe™ Echo™ Smartpen—Click on link to open: Amazing smartpen remembers everything you hear, say and write, then lets you replay your recorded audio with a simple tap. Save your notes and recordings to your computer, or quickly share them with others as pencast, PDF or audio files. Use the Echo™ smartpen and special dot paper to take notes in meetings or lectures. With just a tap, Echo™ begins recording the audio and digitizing your handwriting–automatically synching the ink and audio. By tapping your notes, you can replay the conversation from the exact moment your note was written, so you never miss a word. The included Livescribe™ Desktop software helps you back up your notes, search them, play them back from your computer, or share those notes with others.

Advanced processing power and substantial memory–all in a Montblanc-sized pen! Watch video:Livescribe echo smartpen

The rechargeable Echo™ smartpen lets you capture and save important data in simple pen-and-paper format, making it easy to access and share. The 4GB of memory can record 400+ hours of audio* and thousands of pages of notes.

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