IPAD, Iphone and great Apps

IPAD, Iphone and great Apps

The new operating system iOS5 is out and works much better with voice over on your iproducts. The new iphone 4S just works better all-around in so many areas and with the app Siri where you can give voice commands to make it do what you want, frees up more than your hands…it frees up time.

But if you are looking for a good word processor for your Ipad that you can use voice over with and a braille display iA Writer at the iTunes store is under $5 . Hook to a Braille display or a Bluetooth keyboard also! If you want to be able to use spell check, it will do that too, rename files, copy, paste, and a host of other options.

iA Writer is a really good basic all around writing program and students will love using the braille display with it to get that tactile feedback that helps in their learning. That cause and effect approach..They braille it, hear it, feel it.

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