Help for the Low Vision Student in the classroom

child viewing information from a monitor on her desk that sees to the front

Help for the Low Vision Student in the classroom

We have many low vision students, sitting in the classroom and unable to see what the teacher is doing when she uses the document camera, or projector or computer to project images up on the board, in front of the room.

There is a very inexpensive way to combat this problem. A simple VGA splitter and an extra monitor is all that is needed. An extra monitor can be connected to these other pieces of technology and brought right to where the student is sitting. The student can now easily participate with the rest of his peers, take notes as needed and complete work with more understanding of what is occurring in the front of the room.

Lessons that help teach

Low Vision- Viewing information in the distance with an extra monitor

Low Vision Skills-Windows 7 Office 2010

Low Vision-XP-Office 2003

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