The UnTEACHable

The UnTEACHable

First of all, there is no such thing as unteachable. The only people who are unteachable are those who decide NOT to learn any more.

In regard to people, we all have the tremendous ability to learn, no matter where we start out. Children who are assumed to be unteachable were labeled that way and people started teaching DOWN to that label. We need to teach UP to the child.

We read in the book, The Brain that changes Itself," by Norman Doidge, "The Structure of the Brain changes with ACTIVITY!!!!"

I have proven, many times over, the brain changes itself through activity:  I've taken children who had been written off or inundated with the "unteachable" label. I ignoring the label and taught the child about a world they could access. Computers and different types of technology have enabled the deaf/blind to "talk" with their friends through texting. With my method, the blind can be independent and keep up with their peers. The low cognitive children can "speak" and interact with their surroundings.

Emailing opens up everyone's world and if you have a reluctant child to learn, tell them you will start with making friends on email. Add a braille display and they start reading. Everyone wants friends and it gets any child engaged.

One of my children who was put in the lowest class in the district, was thought to be unteachable. It appeared he had no skills. Slowly but surely through many activities of teaching color, moving and stacking objects and yes, teaching conversation skills, this child began to open up. After a year, I added a talking computer. As soon as I placed it in front of him, he placed his hands on it and said, "My computer." He got it. He knew this would help him even more. When we opened it I helped him to learn how to type words, so even when he did not want to speak, he could through his computer.

Everyone can be TEACHABLE!

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