Internet, JAWS and hotkeys

Internet, JAWS and hotkeys

I get many requests from people on how to navigate the Internet more quickly. Many hotkeys can be used without JAWS also., pub-3447701155434117, DIRECT, f08c47fec0942fa0

Here are a few hotkeys to get you going
Hit your windows key+R for your run menu and type in: and ENTER and your Google page will open (you can use your run menu to get wherever you need to go VERY quickly) Your windows key is at the bottom of the keyboard to the far left. It goes CTRL, the Windows Key, also called Start–it is on the right hand side of your keyboard also.

After you enter your Google page, if you are using JAWS and you do not hear him say edit: type a text, then hit the letter E until you hear this, then hit ENTER for forms mode on, and type in a search word, for example type: yourtechvision and hit ENTER and all searches for that word will come up.

Now hit the letter H for headings until you get to the link that says: Blind/Visually Impaired Education: YourTechVision and hit ENTER to open (you will hit H several times to get through your headings)
You will come to my blog with that heading on it, so hit the letter H again until you jump to the heading of YourTechVision and down arrow to listen to the content

When you are done, in Internet Explorer you will hit CTRL+O and in Firefox you will hit CTRL+L to jump to your URL address edit bar. This time you will type in: This is a site where you will type in a question you want to know the answer to. Type: How many blind people are there in the world and ENTER

When the page opens hit the letter H for headings until you jump to: How many blind people are there in the world and then down arrow to listen to the answer
Hit SHIFT+H to go back up to the link and hit ENTER to open the link. When the page loads, jit the letter H again to jump to the heading and down arrow to listen to the content

ALT+F4 to close the page–More quick keys to come–practice and have fun

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