TRACK CHANGES-How to Edit Work

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TRACK CHANGES-How to Edit Work

TRACK CHANGES enables a blind student to write a paper, email the draft or final paper to a teacher on which the teacher can make highlighted comments and change suggestions. The teacher then emails it back to the student. When the student opens the paper, the track changes are noticeable as red, purple, etc. markings to the visual person, and can become verbal comments to the blind student. The blind student moves through the document with their talking software, and can hear all the corrections that need to be made and can easily correct them with the TRACK CHANGES feedback, or they just hear the grade of the paper.

An additional plus to this is when the whole class is exchanging papers for correction by each other. The blind student turns on TRACK CHANGES then hands the laptop to the sighted student. All the sighted student has to do is put the cursor where the correction needs to be and begin typing. The remarks are tracked so the blind student can hear the input when they get the laptop back. Also, when students are to correct their own work, then hand it in, the blind student can participate as well by making their own corrections, and then emailing the assignment to the teacher for the teacher to see the corrections.

This technique goes both ways, which is why I love it. One day, I sent a lesson to one of my more advanced students and he made additions on my lesson using TRACK CHANGES and sent it back to me for to add to the lesson. I laugh now as I think of it. I too am improving. I love that my students who know we so well, feel at ease at making comments on the lessons I send to them. We are all teachers!!

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