Sighted Students with Reading Challenges

Sighted Students with Reading Challenges

Talking software works great for a child with a reading challenge. This one particular student started with me when he was in 2nd grade. He struggled terribly in school and could not do the work, though is very bright. The way the school was giving instruction did not suit his dyslexia and inability to read print.

I started him on JAWS talking software as I knew he needed to listen in order to comprehend. I taught him about audio books and where to get them. He listened, watched the words on the page, and began to learn to read. He typed, listened, and watched and I showed him tricks on how to spell check when he could not figure out how to spell the word. (arrow into the word and hit your applications key or right click with a mouse and the correct spelling of the word appears). When you finish the document, hit F7 for a complete spell check. Slowly but surely this child learned how to read and write.

He is now going into high school and has been doing online school for the past years with great success: A 3.9 grade average. He has learned that he needs to hear those words in order to comprehend them. He uses audio books from all genres, and I am now introducing him to SKYPE and other chat and texting methods to continue instruction with him. He is also working with an online academy that really caters to audio learning. He will also be learning more advanced JAWS talking software techniques, so as he progresses through school and life he will be able to do anything he wants to do.

Talking software is for anyone who happens to be challenged in accessing the printed word.

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