As I set up and teach my students about SKYPE or Google Video, I often hear the phrase, "I don't need video because I'm blind!"

I remind them of our lessons on "looking people in the face," when talking to them, standing and walking tall and confident, and making that personal connection. It is the same principal. Sighted people want to "see" you. To make a good impression, we need to hold ourselves in a certain way and with the majority of people being sighted, they want to see, so let's be SEEN.

Even when I virtually meet with people around the country: Given a choice of whether we do just voice over a phone or video conferencing, across the board, people want video. It does not matter that you cannot see someone; video is like standing next to them, making that connection, almost like a touch. It is getting outside ourselves and thinking about what works best for that other person. Then finding a way to make it happen and accomplishing so much more in the process.

Lessons to help teach

GMAIL- Everything you need to use in basic HTML or standard view

Remote Access using SKYPE

SKYPE—for Regular Vision, Low Vision, and Blind

Skype texting and making a Video Call—with additional JAWS scripts

Skype texting and making a Video Call—no additional JAWS scripts

GMAIL-Google Talk, Firefox, and Chat

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