So many people ask, "What piece of technology should I get for my child?" 

The first and  most important tool is the PC—yes the PC. Nine out of 10 households and businesses use the PC, as in 90%, so if your child does not know how to operate a PC computer, the chances of getting the job of their dreams will diminish quickly. (

If your child is blind, get them a PC and talking software and make sure they are educated in every way in MicroOffice Suite….as in Word, excel and PowerPoint.

Until the world changes, that is what every childneeds…then add the wonderful Apple/Mac tools. But until then….your blind child, low vision child, sighted child needs a PC and talking software to handle any type of print disability….dyslexia and other reading disabilities included!!!!!!!

If you need lessons, you can find everything you need at

Create an excel line plot graph using Jaws 13.
Create the XY area and easily input and change data as needed
Learn the tricks to inputting the graph into a book and moving around even when JAWS won't speak areas of an image
Create the layout you desire–changing titles as needed
Learn how to reselect the graph when you accidentally unselect it
Learn how to access the chart tools to change features in your graph and more at
Font Resize