Learn how to take secured documents that talking software will only talk but not allow you to access within, or take scanned images, or protected PDF files and make them all accessible. A couple great apps will move you into the position of accessing content in the world more easily.

See a student accessing an inaccessible math document.: Kaleigh making Inaccessible Docs/work Accessible with Google

and here is now to do it in Google Docs: OCR in Google –translate images into text easily –& free

Graphing Scientific Calculator link:  http://appadvice.com/appguides/show/graphing-apps-for-ipad

If you are looking for a standalone calculator,  Sight Enhancement Systems, develops scientific calculators that are designed for the visually impaired.  They call it the “SciPlus”.

The main differences compared to the tablet Apps are:
– speech output in various languages
– large, tactile buttons (a major advantage over touch screen apps, which also makes our calculators desirable for people with various fine motor challenges)
– adjustable contrast, invertible, backlit display

…and yes, they do have a graphing version.

In addition to the above features, another reason people purchase them is because of the requirement that various districts have prohibiting computers or web-connected devices (which is what smart phones and tablets are) into exams.  We’re very proud of our calculators, but in the end that’s all they are — calculators, and that’s actually what many people like about them.

If you need help, contact:
Rob Hilkes
Sight Enhancement Systems

Inclusive Android is the place to go for your Android Tech Info

Brief info Taken from their page:

This is where it all happens! Share your information, ideas, apps and tips with the community of people with disabilities who are Android users from across the world! Information To Promote Sight, Sound, Physical & Cognitive Digital Inclusion for people with disabilities. If you are just starting out: You might want to start out by browsing the Getting started guides or exploring our directory of apps and games for android. We are always looking for people interested in populating our directories, writing guides and rating apps and games for their level of accessibility. All you need to do is Create an account and verify it via email. Have fun and don't hesitate to Contact Us if you have any suggestions or problems.

Check it out to see if this is what you need

The constant question I get is: "Why does my computer not work well with my talking software." Especially at the start of a school year when new computers are bought for students.

I can tell you the majority of the time is because all the configurations are incorrect on the computer. Once you set up your computer correctly, the talking software will run smoothly and great. Minus the times when something is trying to update and it slows your talking software to a crawl or freezes it up.

This audio/visual lesson will get you to where you want to be: Set up computer correctly so talking software works GREAT

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