eBooks for your iPad or other iTool-Read2go APP

eBooks for your iPad or other iTool-Read2go APP

Read2Go is the most accessible e-book reader app for readers with print disabilities. Directly from within the Read2Go app, Bookshare members can find, download, and read books all on a single Apple device. No need to download books to computers, transfer files, or decompress files! Just download and READ! from the Read2Go website

Read2Go Highlights

  • Browse and search Bookshare’s entire collection
  • Download and automatically unzip books
  • Store books on the Read2Go bookshelf
  • Connect via blue tooth to specific braille displays to read in braille
  • Read books multi-modally (see and hear words at the same time)
  • Read in text only or text-to-speech mode with built-in Acapela voices
  • Control font size, color, background, reading speed and more!
  • Volume purchase discounts available for schools

This ereader is truly one of the easiest readers to use. Once you type in your basic information and picks your configurations, just type in the title you want and it will instantly download from the bookshare site. Go out and find other periodicals and more with this incredibly easy reader. It will bring the world to your finger tips. Anyone with a reading disability will achieve the ability to see and hear a book and what a great way to back that up with a braille display.

Watch video on read2go and zoom effects:

iPad-Read2go-Read books with audio and zoom effects for Low Vision

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