How to use Microsoft Outlook 2010 with JAWS

How to use Microsoft Outlook 2010 with JAWS

Outlook is an incredibly easy email client to use. I start my students on Gmail, so I know they have an Internet based email where they can go anywhere and do anything they need to no matter what. They carry JAWS on a thumb drive and can plug into Grandma's or their friends' computer when on vacation and still connect to the world.

Outlook needs to be configured to the computer you use, so does not offer the flexibility as an Internet based email, however, if you know you will only be on 1 or 2 computers and you want something easy to use, Outlook is it.

Many business also use Outlook, so I highly suggest learning both Gmail and Outlook, just so you will be that much more viable in school, not to mention the work field. The more you know, the more possibilities you will have at your disposal.

Here is an audio visual lesson  on how easy it is to enter an appointment but even greater is a tool for the student to keep track of homework during the day, so they and the parents know exactly what needs to be completed when they get home–setting bells and reminders that will automatically go off: 

For detailed lessons on Outlook and Jaws, go to  JAWS/Internet

Both text lessons and audio/visual lessons available

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