Yes People and No People


Yes People and No People

There can be a problem and the "YES" people immediately start thinking of a solution. Problems get resolved, with some work behind it, but in general GREAT things constantly occur. The work pays off, people move ahead. This is VERY true where education is concerned. When a problem seems like a mountain, it takes "YES" people to make change.

On the other side are the "NO" people. A situation is presented and an immediate "NO" comes out. Whether they are more inclined toward negatively or just do NOT want to do the work. The first answer and subsequent answers are NO. This too, is devastating where education of children are concerned. It is very hard to move ahead when the "NO" people are constantly putting up roadblocks…even for the people who want to do the work and make the change.

"The person who says it cannot be done, should NOT interrupt the one who is doing it." by John Mason

For all those "YES" people who need just a little boost.
"Sticks and Stones Are Only Thrown at Fruit-Bearing Trees" by John Mason

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