Apple Applications (APPS) for Students and IPAD- ITOUCH- or IPHONE

Apple Applications (APPS) for Students and IPAD- ITOUCH- or IPHONE

Hundreds of apps at and log in you can pull up the electronic version of this list and it will take you directly to the apple app store.

Lessons to help you get going:at iTools

Read2go: 19.99

iBooks app    FREE 

Quickvoice Recorder    FREE

Dragon Dictation app    FREE

GoodReader for iPad    99 Cents

Google Mobile Apps     FREE

Tap Typing     FREE

Speak it  app   $1.99 (foreign language voices available)

Goldilocks     99 cents

Audiobooks   FREE

Bob Books Reading Magic Lite    FREE

Toy Story    FREE  

Milly Molly and the Bike Ride     $4.99

Alice for the iPad Lite    FREE

Sentence Builder    $2.99

Stanza reader     FREE 

Soundnote for iPad     $4.99

Web Reader app   $1.99  

iPad and Low Vision Tricks Free Video

iPad with Voice Over and external Keyboard Free video

iPad- Voice Over-Refreshabraille and using the Internet Free Video

 Special Ed eCOVE Observation    FREE

Proloquo2go  AAC app    $189.99

TapToTalk     FREE


iCommunicate     $4.99 

SoundAMP   FREE  

Pronunciation Power     $2.99 

Braille trainer app     $1.99

iSign Lite    FREE 

Sign 4 Me   $9.99

Numbers   $9.99

Keynote    $9.99

Mathboard Addition   FREE

Star Walk     $2.99

Frog dissection     $4.99

iA Writer $1.99-$4

Pages for iPad-a word processor-$9.99


iPad in Education

Favorite Apple Apps  Apple – Education – Apps

Apple Accessibility   

iPods & iPads in the Classroom   

Learn how to pair an external keyboard and braille display at: Other Blind Tools

More Lessons to help you get going:at iTools

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