Bar Graphs — XY Line Plot Graphs in Excel

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Bar Graphs — XY Line Plot Graphs in Excel

My high school students are required to make Bar Graphs and XY Line Plot Graphs; others also, but these 2 are the most common.

I always start them out doing it the long way. For example, on the bar graph, they learn how to make the title on the left hand side read top to bottom, so the words are flipped. They learn how to merge cells and color them in with their favorite color (Yep, even completely blind students have favorite colors), change font, and anything else the other students are doing.

When they completely learn how to do the graphs the long way, I then show them the shorter way, where they only have to type in the numbers that are going to be plotted. They then only have to select the numbers and insert any type of graph they need. They then can color, change the font, title, lines, and anything else to make it represent exactly as the teacher has requested, but it is a computer generated graph that would be used for business. So they are learning future skills for employment too.

One of my student's paras had posed the question of how her student was going to do a bar graph the other day. When I showed them, the long and short way, she and the student were completely amazed. Even doing it the long way, which took about 4 minutes, and of course you can make the graphs look so beautiful and so readable for the blind student. When the student emailed off the assignment to the teacher, she was amazed too.

Watch video to help you get going: Dr Robinson teaches you how to merge and color cells, and center text

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