Braille Labeling Clothes

image of braille labels and organizers

Braille Labeling Clothes

There are many methods to labeling your clothes with braille so you can easily know what you are wearing, but here are a few techniques that have worked well.

If you are handy with a needle, you can sew dots right on the labels of the clothes to distinguish color.

If you would like tools that have already been created, here are a few:

Safety pin socks together using Brass safety pins. You will always have a matched pair and before throwing them in the wash,make sure you safety pin them and they will return to you in 2s.

Next, get your closet organized with closet organizer labels. Don't forget the braille label tape so you can put braille labels on the closet organizer tabs that will divide your colors and everyday wear from your dress-up clothes.

Before hanging up your clothes you can add these Color Clothes markers so you can easily tell the color each article of clothing.The advantage of these aluminum markers is when you take off your clothing, clip the marker back on before throwing it in the wash. When washed, it is easy to put back in your closet, especially when you use the organizer labels too.

So there are a few tricks to get you going.

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