Buying the Right Computer for JAWS

Buying the Right Computer for JAWS

Be aware as changes in technology occur. I have been working with several school districts that have been having a terrible time installing JAWS correctly. If your JAWS is not working well, it could be a video intercept problem. This is a major issue –are you getting a video intercept error message? or maybe no message at all and your Jaws just does not work well, which means it very well may be a video card problem..if so–click below and download this lesson to fix the problem

It is an easy fix but JAWS and the hardware of the computer want to use the same video drivers if you only have 1. You can either force the issue to make JAWS work OR sometimes you cannot.

Some of the newer computers have integrated video cards that refuse to move and JAWS will jump in and out of laptop layout and desktop layout if you are using a laptop. The .msi driver, just know it is important, will not load correctly and when you try and use JAWS with a laptop, that the laptop hardware wants to use too, you will have a fight and your talking software will not work well. I have asked leading people in the industry about this who use JAWS all the time. I have asked JAWS people, thus far, no solution.

So, BEFORE you buy a computer, especially a laptop, get the following: A dedicated video card–geforce video card pererrably (this is the one I use with GREAT success) but there are many good ones out there….be careful, there are also many that do NOT work. If you get a dedecated video card, then JAWS takes that one and the hardware of the computer takes the other. Everyone is happy and you have a machine that works well. Get enough RAM also!!! Yes, lots of numbers to look at on those purchase slips, but look for this. Now, I would want 4 GB, but 2GB is ok.

Lesson to help you

JAWS 12-fixing mirror display or video intercept problems

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