Perception is Not Necessarily Reality

Perception is Not Necessarily Reality

Self-consciousness blows up in the face of some teenagers an they feel as though everyone is staring at them and judging them for every little thing. They worry about facial acne or their clothes, and blind students have the additional worries of being seen with a cane, or reading braille in front of their peers.

This fear of a superficial judgement also grabs us as adults. We judge ourselves and other on everything from what we wear to the job we have or the house we live in.

Here is what we must realize.
Everyone has something they are dealing with.
It's okay to be different, because generally it is seen as "cool." Not everyone can use a cane or read braille.

People in general who are beating themselves up about every little detail because they THINK someone perceives them in a certain way, are getting a mixed-up view of reality.

In general, everyone is so involved with their own lives that after the 3 initial seconds of talking with you or seeing you, you are pretty much out of their mind.
In general, your perception of yourself is not reality for the way others are thinking about you. Everyone is too caught up in his or her own lives.

Even if you trip and fall (OK, the exception is a President, where the media decides to play the same video over and over for the world) so even if you trip and fall and we all do it, after 3 seconds, you are pretty much out of everyone's mind.

We need to get over ourselves, so we can go on uninhibited and do greater things. As long as you are trapped in a self-absorbed reality, you cannot see the bigger picture of what can be accomplished. You are wrapped up in the fears in your world that are not true reality and then you cannot improve yourself, because all you see are your faults. Figure out your faults and correct them.

You will make your fears and faults your REALITY if you don't change.

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