NVDA-totally Free – Forever Talking Software

NVDA-totally Free – Forever Talking Software

NVDA is an Australian company that was started by a young college blind man, and friend of mine. The young blind man could not afford $1000 for talking software but needed a way to use the computer. So he and his friend wrote the talking software program that has become known as NVDA.

NVDA has a very computerized voice, but is also now compatible with some SAPI download voices, which you may enjoy more. It has many of the exact same keystrokes commands as JAWS. It can also be downloaded directly to a thumb drive and taken anywhere to about 80% of computers. It works better in Firefox than Internet Explorer and you may just want to stick with Firefox for its use. It cannot be utilized in all programs yet, but other industries are working with this little company, so believe more compatibility is just down the road.

The most important programs, like Microsoft Office and the Internet can be accessed and used with NVDA. If you would like to try this product out and they have the latest updates

NV Access is pleased to announce that NVDA 2011.3 has been released.
This release has been declared stable, which means it is suitable for
production use and is recommended for most users.
Highlights of NVDA 2011.3 include automatic speech language switching
when reading documents with appropriate language information; support
for 64 bit Java Runtime Environments; reporting of text formatting in
browse mode in Mozilla applications; better handling of application
crashes and freezes; and initial fixes for Windows 8.
Changes from 2011.3rc1 to 2011.3:
•Updated documentation.
•Updated translations.

To go through the user guide for comparison to other talking software, click on NVDA user guide

HINT: The NVDA key is the insert key

If you would like additional voices, use Espeak– http://espeak.sourceforge.net/download.html

If you just do not have a $1000 laying around right now for other talking software, this just may be the thing for you. If you do download and use this product please think about making a donation to the company so it can survive for all those others out there, that cannot afford the more expensive versions of talking software.

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