Low Vision – SEE the Internet Better

Low Vision – SEE the Internet Better

Low Vision – SEE the Internet Better

Open Internet
1. Hit the command CTRL+ continuously until you get the screen to the size you want—hold down the CTRL key while hitting +
2. CTRL- will decrease the screen—hold down the CTRL key while hitting –
Get the Internet page to the size you like

If there is a picture on the Internet that is too small to view for your vision, do the following
1. Hit the PRINT SCREEN button –usually at the top right hand corner of the keyboard, in a set of 3 other keys…you probably have never used it before
(Many people on Facebook say they cannot see small pictures of their family even with the above commands)
2. Open Word and paste with CTRL+V (the image now pastes into your word document).

Increase the size
ALT+V, then hit Z
ALT+E to percent and type in 500 and enter
The picture will be enormous now, so take your mouse and move around the page to see what you wish to see. Use your slider bars at the bottom and the right hand side also. If you have a wheel on your mouse, just move the wheel to move around your page.

Be aware that when the picture enlarges, it may become blurry, but it will give you a better view than looking at it at 1 inch square

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