Nemeth, Duxbury, Braille Display, JAWS

Nemeth, Duxbury, Braille Display, JAWS

Teaching Nemeth Code (braille math, for all you sighted people out there) is brought to life using Duxbury (a braille translation program) with a braille display and JAWS.

As students 6 key braille in the math problems, on a regular keyboard, Jaws speaks what they are brailling. Then they move their hands down to the braille display to check the problem and the answer. Using all these tools also makes it fun. Students will easily do math if it involves technology versus on a brailler. The keys are also a whole lot easier to push.

After the braille lesson, I take the exact same problems and we go to WORD and I teach them how to type out all the symbols and special features of math.

They now have a braille copy for themselves which they also open up on their braille note to study from, a print copy for themselves, so when the kids correct each others papers, they can correct the blind students also–using TRACK CHANGES (which automatically makes corrections in the paper when someone edits, and the blind student can easily read using JAWS) and their teacher has a final copy sent to them by the blind student in email. Math made magical!

Watch Video: Braille Note, Nemeth, Scientific Calculator

Lessons that help teach:

TRACK CHANGES for students and teachers

Duxbury 11.1 or higher: creating a Nemeth lesson for a speed timing in class

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